Resident Evil Documentary
Image: Ryan Carr

At the Creature Feature Weekend event at the end of August, a new documentary about George A. Romero's canceled Resident Evil film was announced.

This was a film adaptation that The Night of the Living Dead director was putting together in the late 90s for Constantin Films, with the help of producer Peter Grunwald. But, as the story goes, Constantin eventually dropped Romero from the project, and years later, decided to go with Paul W. S. Anderson's vision for the film instead, leading to 2002's Resident Evil, starring Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez.

An early script from Romero's film surfaced online in 2001 and has been shared around the internet quite a bit in the years since, leading fans to wonder what might have been. This new documentary, directed by the filmmaker Brandon Salisbury with the assistance of Romero's assistant Jason Bareford, therefore, aims to provide some more context around the project and what the plans for it actually were.

As Salisbury revealed in an interview with The Resident Evil Podcast, the director didn't want to just film a straightforward documentary with talking heads but instead wanted to pay homage to Romero's style and the game itself. As a result, the filming takes place in an abandoned mansion designed to look like the Spencer Mansion and is shot in a style similar to the great horror director's.

As for Bareford, he is clearly uniquely placed to talk about the project, being one of five people who were in the room when it was originally in development. He was also the person who was apparently tasked with playing through the game and recording the footage so that Grunwald and Romero could watch it back and decide what elements to keep for the script.

The project currently has a tentative release date for 2024, but we'll keep you posted as more news becomes available. For now, why not watch the live-action trailer for Resident Evil 2, which George A. Romero directed around the same time?

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