Image: Sunsoft

Earlier this month, we mentioned that Sunsoft was getting ready to announce its rebirth, and now thanks to a live stream we know a little bit more about what these plans entail.

On the live stream, archived on Sunsoft's YouTube channel, the publisher announced three new projects - Ikki Unite, Gimmick! Special Edition, and Ufouria: The Saga - all based on NES titles from its expansive back catalog.

Ikki Unite, for instance, is an updated version of Ikki, the 1985 game about a farmer's uprising that caused the Japanese essayist Jun Miura to originally coin the term Kusogē or "crap game".

In this updated version, you won't just be rebelling with one or two players like in the original, but with 16 others cooperatively online. You'll need to band together to fend off frogs, locusts, and whatever else tries to invade your land, using the improvisational weapons at your disposal. According to the stream, the closed beta for the title is scheduled to be happening soon on Steam.

Gimmick!, meanwhile, is a remaster of the game of the same name from 1992 and is being produced in conjunction with Bitwave Games. This is a mascot platformer featuring a small green creature who must rescue a girl after she is kidnapped by her unloved toys. The remaster will include features like a time attack mode and rewind functions and is scheduled to release this Winter for Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam). A soundtrack release is also being planned through the website Ship to Shore.

The last title Sunsoft announced was Ufouria: The Saga. This is a rerelease of the action-adventure game that came out in 1991 in Japan and Europe in 1992.

The game is similar in a lot of ways to 80s titles like Blaster Master and Metroid, in that the gameplay is non-linear and you will often find yourself searching for items and powerups in the environment to loop back to your previous location. The release is planned for 2023, again on Switch, PS4, Xbox Ones, and PC (via Steam). It will also be getting a soundtrack release alongside another Sunsoft title Journey to Silius.

We have to admit it's an odd selection of games, but they certainly have our interest!

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