DMG Color
Image: @BucketMouseBite

On Twitter recently, the console modder Bucket Mouse unveiled his latest project, and it's a fascinating one, to say the least.

Using the shell of an original Game Boy, he designed his own PCB boards and used the CPU from the original Game Boy Color to create an impressive hybrid between the two consoles. This lets him use the original, iconic Game Boy design to play both games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

He tells Time Extension:

"I decided to undertake this project because I love the aesthetic and weightiness of the original Game Boy (DMG), but wanted to be able to play Game Boy Color games on it as well. The Game Boy Color isn't a bad console by any means, especially with modern screen mods, but for me, the DMG is more comfortable and has a more iconic design."

Bucket Mouse calls the device the "DMG Color" or "DMGC" and has also added some additional features, like adjustable brightness/color palette settings, a better power supply, cleaner and louder audio, an improved screen, and backlit buttons.

DMG Color 2
Image: @BucketMouseBite

He describes the project as a "challenge" and a "marathon", and tells us that the most difficult part of the build was managing the four separate boards and the extra board for the IPS screen. Nevertheless, he's proud of the results.

He explains:

"The part I'm probably most proud of, at least in a technical sense, is the power supply board. Without getting too much into the weeds, I was able to incorporate a lot of improvements over the original Game Boy power design.

"This includes a more efficient converter that incurs an imperceptible amount of noise onto the audio channels (your GBC is noisier than you remember!), undervoltage and overvoltage protection, and a load switch circuit that allows you use dirty or oxidized DMG power switches without issue!"

If you want to take a nosy at the ins and outs of this modded handheld, you can do so over at GitHub. Worth mentioning is that it is currently only available to reproduce under a non-commercial license, due to the build using resources from an existing DMG project.

An updated DMGC 2.0 is currently being developed, which will be available to buy so long as you can find someone to make it for you. But as stated on GitHub, you should not attempt to make this yourself if you're in any way uncomfortable or inexperienced with electronics or soldering as that's a disaster waiting to happen.