Super Punch Out!!
Image: Nintendo

Some of our favorite discoveries are those which come out of nowhere, and this is exactly how you'd describe Unlisted Cheats fantastic find from earlier this week.

The account, which is dedicated to creating a database of weird and wonderful cheats from video games of yesteryear, recently stumbled across a secret 2-player mode for Super Punch-Out!!, something which appears to have gone undiscovered for almost 28 years.

According to Unlisted Cheats, the discovery was made while he was doing some request work, and is activated using two button combinations, similar to known the cheats like the sound test and Japanese name input.

At the title screen, you need to hold Y+R on controller 2, then press A or Start on controller 1. This will then unlock a new screen where you can select any opponent in the game, including the Special Circuit fighters, for a free singles match.

You're not done yet though, as at the character info screen, you can then hold down B+Y on controller 2 again, and press A or Start on controller 1 to unlock a hidden 2-player mode. It even works on the Nintendo Switch Online version of the game too, making it super easy for most players to access provided they have a second controller.

Have you tried out this hidden mode yet? What do you make of it? Let us know below!