Wonder Boy
Image: Sega

Wonder Boy has been in the news recently thanks to the release of Wonder Boy Collection on modern systems, a compilation which pulls together several of the series' most popular outings.

The arcade original – created by Ryuichi Nishizawa and released in 1986 – may lack the RPG trappings of later entries such as Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, but it's still fondly remembered by many, and after decades of waiting, it's finally coming to the Commodore Amiga (back in the day, it was ported to the C64, Amstrad, Spectrum, Game Gear and Master System, but not the Amiga).

As reported by Indie Retro News, Amiga fan Acidbottle is porting the game to the computer using Earok's 'Scorpion' engine, with Aseprite and PPaint also being used to secure a palette of 32 colours. The end result is a game that is very close to the coin-op original.

Acidbottle has stated that "the end is in sight" and that all that is holding up release is the fact that "there [are] just some bugs left to fix."

[source indieretronews.com]