Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • US 17th Jun 2022
  • EU 17th Jun 2022


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About The Game

You wake up in the bathtub of a motel room, naked, wounded and without any memory of what happened. From that moment on your only motivation will be to get out of that strange place, but a terrifying presence will prevent you from doing so. With mechanics based on real-life actions, taking the right decisions will be crucial to survive, or you will wake up again and again in that motel's bathtub.

• A hideous creature stalking you at every turn and waiting for your mistakes.

• It is a single player game whose mechanics are based on real-time actions and decision-making. Taking the right decisions is crucial to survive.

• There are many combinations of actions that will affect the chances of escaping or dying.

• Every time you, the main character, die you wake up again in the bathtub, but things in the motel have changed; some options/items are not available, there are new ones, and others are simply not the same..