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  • EU 27th May 2023
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About The Game

Our motto as a publisher is to let you experience something new, go beyond entertainment. All our titles either have a meaningful story or experimental features, or both!

This Bundle is a curated selection of 5 games. Make sure to check out their trailers.

++ A Night at the Races by Mushy Jukebox ++

You have the night to win a clandestine tournament. Lead the rankings, get the prize, pay your debts, escape hell.

++ Cosmic Top Secret by Klassefilm & Those Eyes ++

"Was my Dad a spy during the Cold War? Did he prevent a nuclear war?" Help Trine investigate family secrets and historical plots in this award-winning adventure.

++ EQQO by Parallel Studio ++

Unravel the threads of a poetic adventure inspired by Ethiopian mythology.

++ Infini by Barnaque ++

Lose yourself in Infinity… but never lose Hope. Solve mind-bending riddles with spirit and skill.

++ Please, Touch The Artwork by Thomas Waterzooi ++

Play around with colors and lines, try to recreate paintings, solve riddles, unravel secret stories behind modern masterpieces, and hopefully get inspired and find meaning!