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  • US 22nd Sep 2023, $4.99
  • EU 22nd Sep 2023, £4.49
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About The Game

Your quest is simple... sow the seeds, harvest the crops, sell your products to the merchants and expand your farm to become the best farmer you can be!

Take part in other very satisfying activities. Go fishing, milk all the cows, shear the sheep and much more!

If you need a little help on the farm, invite a friend to play together on the split screen! Put on your funny skins, hop on your bikes and share the responsibilities.

Are you ready for country life?

- build well-functioning farms on 4 maps
- unlock over 50 cool skins!
- play with a friend on a split screen in multiplayer mode
- harvest apples, wheat, tomatoes, eggplants, and all your favorite fruits and vegetables
- play many mini-games involving animals
- hire workers to help you plant and harvest your crops
- expand your farm by buying more land
- ride a bike to speed up movement around your giant farm
- fast travel with your boat and double your income