Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

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  • US 2024
  • EU 2024


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About The Game

Help our girl Zig to find the thirty birds. Explore the Lanterns, a gorgeous flying city built by the goddess Simurgh, and meet all kinds of bizarre characters : from djinns to magic animals, from regular weirdos to mafia rude boys... Zig will have to make them talk, to use her wits and play good dub music to collect all the birds' contacts. Only then may she be able to wake up Simurgh, the giant bird Queen, from her decade long sleep.

Features :

  • Beautiful hand-drawn environment inspired by Persian art, bursting with colors, patterns and strange perspective
  • Rich dialogues and lore mixing old tales, mythology and modern everyday life with a very contemporary humour
  • Unexpected DUB / SKA soundtrack with Middle-Eastern quirks makes the world feel alive
  • Play music with Lanterners and they will help you in your quests - find new sounds and use them on their instruments
  • Add birds on your last generation Gem-Phoneâ„¢ chat app - the phone also includes an inventory, a gallery and other secret apps