Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 5

  • US 11th Jan 2024, $39.99
  • EU 11th Jan 2024, £34.99
Controller Support
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War Hospital Screenshot
War Hospital Screenshot
War Hospital Screenshot
War Hospital Screenshot
War Hospital Screenshot
War Hospital Screenshot
War Hospital Screenshot

About The Game

Take charge of a WW1 field hospital on the Western Front, and make all the decisions necessary to help the soldiers recover and to support the war effort. In this narrative management game, you are the last bastion of humanity.

The year is 1918. You are major Henry Wells, a retired British combat medic, drafted back to take charge of a field hospital in the nightmare of World War I. Understaffed and undersupplied, the hospital is the last bastion of hope for countless soldiers on the Western Front.

Your main aims are to keep up your team's morale, and support the war effort with the soldiers you have treated.

To do so, you need to manage your hospital to take charge of the flood of injured soldiers brought in after every battle. Make sure to admit the patients in order of priority, before treating them, scheduling surgery or abandoning them to their fate...

Resources are limited despite the ever-increasing needs… Learn to adapt to each new situation, taking sometimes morally tough decisions.

Decide on improvements to make to your facilities, and use the latest technologies available to military medicine.

  • A war-themed game that celebrates life, not death.
  • Face the trials and challenges of one of the bloodiest wars in history.
  • Manage your personnel, their missions and fatigue. Doctors, nurses, engineers, you make the recruitment decisions.
  • You make the narrative choices, which have a real impact on how the game unfolds.
  • Research options to introduce improvements, to better meet the changing requirements
  • Game developed with the support of the Imperial War Museum, for a more authentic immersion experience.