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Reading is a good habit.

Especially during summer, I always tend to read at least a book and many people still enjoy reading on vacation, while travelling, at the beach, etc.

This topic is focused on what are we currently reading, what's your companion on holiday?

I chose Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - The Novel and just started it. I love the series and I'm collecting novels and mangas, but I prefer the first ones since they cover all the games. I also find them a great way to refresh your memories about the "side" titles that you won't like to play again (I already finished it both originally on 3DS and with 2.8 collection).

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@andreverts It's quite late To be responding to this thread, but I have a few suggestions for you! If you like gaming novels, there are a few CYOA Super Mario books from the 90's that are a fun distraction, and if you don't mind manga, the Toon Link* focused manga are a refreshing read (*phantom hourglass, spirit tracks, windwaker). Personally I chose the book "The Store"by James Patterson as my holiday companion. It is a pleasure to read through, and gets you thinking about the real world afterwards. It may not be a holiday, but any days off count as holiday time to me.

The SNES and the Genesis have their strengths. They both do what they do so well. Nothing beats the echoed SNES sound or the Full-Sounding FM synthesis of the Genesis. Did you know that the N64 had built in audio effects, like delay too?


@MetaCrystal there's spirit tracks manga?!!!!!! Has it been translated to english?

It's enn-eee-ess, not ness and ess-enn-eee-ess, not sness


I recently got From Ants to Zombies, a retro gaming book about the history of horror video games.

I also am burning through Fist of the North Star. I just finished Vol 7. I’ve got 8-10 staring at me along with a mountain of other comics.

Hip Hop Family Tree Onmibus
The Scumbag
The Complete Irredeemable, Incorruptible and Insufferable

…and way too much more to list.

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I mainly.ready manga to improve my Japanese reading ability. To that end--

Just finished 'In the Heart of Kunoichi Hibiki'. Anti-climatic ending...

Ijiwanaide, Nagatoro-San - started off great but since the main character finished high school, it has dropoed in quality, IMO.


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