Sega's Game Gear Is Getting The Book It Truly Deserves 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

It may not have dethroned the Game Boy, but the Game Gear was certainly the 'best of the rest' when it came the early '90s handheld console wars.

Boasting a colour display, attractive design and a raft of quality games, the Game Gear outlived the Atari Lynx and PC Engine GT to present a viable alternative to Nintendo's dominance – and now it's getting its own (unofficial) book.

The tome will be penned by Sega-16's Ken Horowitz, who has previously written The Sega Arcade Revolution and Beyond Donkey Kong: A History of Nintendo Arcade Games.

"Due next year, this new work will take a deep dive into Sega's portable," says Horowitz on social media. "It presents a comprehensive narrative of the Game Gear's Japanese development and launch, as well as its launches in NA, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and South Korea."

Horowitz promises the as-yet-untitled book will also offer "a comprehensive look at the Majesco re-release and the Game Gear's legacy in the decades after with the GG Micro and downloadable games on the Wii and other platforms."

He adds that "dozens of contemporaneous documents and interviews with almost 30 executives, programmers, artists, composers, and producers, including the heads of Sega of America and Sega Europe, Tec Toy, and Ozi Soft," have formed part of the research for the book, which will also include a selection of the console's most notable games, "with extensive write-ups of 68 Game Gear-exclusive and variant titles from all regions."

To top it all off, there will be a guide to Game Gear accessories and console variations, as well as eleven developer Q&A-style interviews with programmers, artists, and composers.

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