Yuzo Koshiro Shares New Footage Of Genesis / Mega Drive Shmup Earthion 1
Image: @yuzokoshiro

Video game legend Yuzo Koshiro has shown off more footage of the eagerly-awaited Genesis / Mega Drive shmup, Earthion.

"A sneak peek of Earthion Stage 2 (Stage 1 is shown in the video due to being under development)," says Koshiro on social media. "Everything in this stage is the real deal, running on a Mega Drive, except for the BGM, which is playing on an MD emulator."

"The music uses authentic FM synthesis (YM2612)," he adds. "Despite having a less advanced system compared to Etrian [Odyssey], which also uses FM emulations, the quality achieves the same level or even better due to superior arrangement and programming. It's not even streaming."

Earthion launches on the Mega Drive this year. It's also coming to modern systems.