A Promo VHS For Nintendo's Satellaview Has Been Restored 1
Image: Hard 4 Games

It's easy to see why Nintendo had a challenge on its hands when it came to promoting the groundbreaking Satellaview add-on for its Super Famicom (SNES) console back in 1995.

Using satellite technology, this new device allowed players to download games to their console, browse digital magazines and consume other media – all through a connection to the Japanese satellite radio company St.GIGA.

Given that we're still using physical media in an age where super-fast broadband connections allow us to download games with ease, you can imagine how tricky it was explaining the benefits of a satellite modem to the average gamer back in the early '90s.

To this end, Nintendo produced a special promotional VHS which outlined not only the games that would be available but how the process worked. That tape has been restored by the fine folks at Hard 4 Games, and has been uploaded to YouTube for future generations to enjoy.