Limited Run Is Reviving Bubsy, Fear Effect And Fighting Force In New Collections 1

Limited Run Games held its own showcase yesterday and has announced more collections of classic titles.

The headline here is a Bubsy In: The Purrfect Collection, which releases digitally and physically in 2025. Running in the Carbon Engine, this will present Bubsy's past adventures to a whole new audience. Rights holder Atari said not so long ago it was open to bringing back the character.

Next up is Fear Effect, a PS1 title from 2000 which caused quite a stir thanks to its mature themes and cool action. This one is also getting a digital and physical release in 2025.

We also have Fighting Force Collection, which brings Core Design's classic brawling series to modern platforms. The original Fighting Force was almost a Streets of Rage game, in case you didn't know.

In other news, Limited Run also confirmed that it is resurrecting Tomba 2, a neat piece of additional info to follow the announcement relating to the original game.

You can check out all of the announcements here.