Double Dragon
Image: Tradewest

Rumbleminze has just released their fanmade port of the NES title Double Dragon for the SNES.

The ROM hacker/porting specialist first announced that they were working on a port of the title on April 15th, 2024 on Twitter, shortly after they completed their previous port of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. However, they warned on social media at the time, that it was "entirely possible" that they might eventually run into a problem that would prevent them from completing it.

Fortunately, despite this, it seems they've finally managed to bring the game over to the more powerful hardware and also incorporated a couple of new additions like an introductory cutscene and MSU-1 audio.

As they state in their announcement post, there are a few minor issues, such as occasional screen flashes when tiles load and a few places where tiles can load the wrong palette, but other than that, they're happy with the outcome, which they have now distributed online for players to enjoy. It has been tested to work on real hardware (via SD2SNES), as well as in emulators like Mesen2 and bsnes.

You can grab the port and the rest of the files you'll need over on

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