Fans Are Reviving This GBA Mega Man Project, 20 Years After It Was Cancelled 1
Image: Capcom

We're certainly not short on Mega Man collections for modern-day consoles, but back in 2004, fans had fewer options on the table – which is why the announcement of Mega Man Mania for the GBA was such a welcome one.

Planned to be released alongside Mega Man Anniversary Collection, it would have taken the five Game Boy Mega Man outings and colourised them, as well as including various bonus features and extras.

Despite print advertisements being published, the game was canned – but fans are looking to resurrect the concept next year.

"Mega Man Mania is a fan project that aims to remaster and colorize the five Mega Man titles on Game Boy," says @marc_robledo. "Once the five games are released, work will also begin on a compilation for the GBA."

You can view the original trailer for the proposed 2004 version below.