Kid Icarus
Image: Nintendo

A fan developer has just completed the process of porting Kid Icarus from the NES to the SNES, paving the way for a number of possible quality-of-life improvements and technical enhancements.

Inspired by the work of @Infidelity_NES (whose projects we've previously covered on this website), the ROM hacker @rumbleminze recently set out to port Kid Icarus to the 16-bit console and has now taken to Twitter to share the results of their efforts.

This version of the game is fully complete and is already optimized to run under the Super Nintendo's FastROM mode.

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Worth noting is that there are a few bugs that are currently listed in the readme.txt (which is available when you download).

These known issues include some graphical glitches on top of the transition screen to W4-1, some strange palette behaviour when pausing in World 2, and reports of freezing upon entering rooms (which @rumbleminze has yet to consistently reproduce). @rumbleminze asks that people get in touch if they spot any other problems while playing.

Despite these issues, it's another impressive effort from the Nintendo hacking community and we can't wait to see what @rumbleminze does next with the project.