Devil Blade And Aleste Devs Share Fan Art Of Each Other's Games 1
Image: @shigatake / @nakashimakaz

If you've been savvy enough to consult our review of Devil Blade Reboot, then you'll be aware that it's a modern-day shmup masterpiece that should be experienced by every fan of the genre.

Creator Shigatake – who also works for Vanillaware – recently responded to some kind feedback from Yuichi Toyama, who has worked at Technosoft, Compile and Eighting during his career on titles such as MUSHA Aleste, Seirei Senshi Spriggan, Kingdom Grand Prix and Soukyugurentai.

"What does it take to make something like this?" said Toyama on social media. "It's an amazing STG, and it's so full of hospitality... Let's all buy it! In fact, all my Steam friends have already bought it!"

Shigatake posted a 30-year-old piece of MUSHA Aleste fan art he drew when he was a teenager, which was published in a free brochure produced by the game retail chain TV Panic (thanks, gosokkyu).

"Thank you for playing!" said Shigatake. "Please enjoy this Musha Aleste FA that I drew as an illustration post over 30 years ago."

At this point, MUSHA's art director Kazuyuki Nakashima got involved, showing his own fan art of Devil Blade Reboot.

"Belated congratulations on the completion of "DEVIL BLADE REBOOT" ^^ (a return gift from 30 years ago)," said Nakashima in his post.

Devil Blade Reboot is available on Steam now.