Retro Modder And Engineer Voultar's Lab Has Been "Ransacked" 1
Image: @Voultar

Voultar, the modder and engineer behind products such as the SNES RGB, N64 RGB and Wii-U Nand recovery kit, has had his workshop "ransacked" by an as-yet-unknown individual.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to be out of commission for a while. Someone ransacked my lab last night. Almost everything has been destroyed," he shared on social media.

"Nothing was stolen, just destroyed. It looks like some of the online threats managed to materialize. I don't have the money to replace all of this because I've spent $30K on more flooding/house repairs. Quite frankly, I believe I'm done with this business. I'll check you all later."

He initially admitted that he "likely" forgot to lock the door to the lab following the previous night's work with fellow modder and cable specialist @HDRetrovision, but later posted a photo which shows the building's busted door lock, which indicates forced entry:

However, he has been quick to point out that he will not be attempting to generate money off the back of this unfortunate event.

"There will be no fundraiser," he said. "There is no Gofundme. I do not want anyone's money. Do not solicit money on my behalf. My business has been destroyed. I'm not looking for charity. I'm telling you that I'm closing my doors and you're accusing me of trying to profit from this? Some of you people are unbelievable."

We sincerely hope that this tragic event doesn't stop Voultar from contributing to the retro modding community; his work in this field has been significant.