Konami, This Isn't The New Castlevania We Wanted 1
Image: @dskoopa

While it would be inaccurate to claim that Konami has turned its back on the Castlevania series (we've had collections of classic games and some neat collaborations, including one with Dead Cells), we've not had a "proper" entry in the franchise since the divisive Lords of Shadow 2.

It turns out that Konami has actually released a new Castlevania "game" fairly recently, but it's not what you might expect.

As spotted by DS Koopa on Twitter, Castlevania: Marble of Souls is an arcade game which revolves around marbles (as the title suggests) and awards the player with collectable cards.

According to the YouTube channel Dad & Parker!, this is actually a reskinned version of an unrelated game known as Marble Carnival.

Our very own Zion Grassl has visited his local amusement arcade and has found the following notices on its Marvel Carnival cabinet:

The cards include some of the most famous characters in the series, including Alucard, Maria, Richter and Simon Belmont.

Konami, This Isn't The New Castlevania We Wanted 1
Image: Reddit

Given that we're huge Castlevania fans here at Time Extension, we were slightly surprised that this one passed us by; perhaps you're more ahead of the curve and are already aware of Castlevania: Marble of Souls?

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