Veritus 1
Image: Colorgrave

Colorgrave's Veritus hits Steam this July, and is yet another indie title which uses the Game Boy Zeldas as a point of inspiration.

The game takes place in the castle of the "god of shadow", the titular Veritus. "Persevere through monsters and mysteries lurking in every corner," reads the game's Steam page. "Prepare to leave camp and journey into the castle’s lonely halls by collecting resources and equipment to make it out alive."

Weapons and tools help you combat enemies and solve puzzles, and you'll be able to recover at various safe havens located within the fortress.

You'll need to collect fragments of a key which have been scattered throughout the castle, and use the completed artifact to open Veritus' throne room and reveal the secrets contained within.

You can try out the Veritus demo now if you like the sound of it.