Tricky Madness
Image: Nathan Dearth

The SSX games are always appearing on lists of games that players want to see make a return, which makes it all the more confusing that EA hasn't really done anything with the classic snowboarding series since its 2012 reboot.

In the past, a group of former EA developers, including SSX's creators Steven Rechtschaffner and Larry LaPierre, formed a company called SuperNatural Studios in Canada to work on a spiritual successor to the series, called Project Gravity (which we mistakenly reported earlier this year to be cancelled after being dropped by 2K Games).

However, it's important to note that they aren't the only ones hoping to pick up where the classic snowboarding games left off, with an Austin-based indie developer named Nathan Dearth currently in the process of building their own SSX successor named Tricky Madness, which is due out for PC in Q4 2025.

Tricky Madness, according to its Steam page, is inspired by "classics like SSX and 1080" and will feature a trick meter, combos, and Uber Tricks, as well as a voiced in-game DJ, 8 handcrafted maps, and a dedicated campaign.

Back in February, Dearth tried to crowdfund the project's development on Kickstarter but unfortunately failed to raise half of his £3990 goal. Despite that, he's continued working on the game ever since, releasing new demos on Itch as well as updates on social media, to inform people of how it's coming along and get feedback from players.

From what we've seen so far, it's shaping up rather nicely, nailing some of the essentials of what made the SSX games so fun to play in the first place. However, we do hope there's a little more effort made to establish its own visual identity in the future to help it stand on its own two feet.

You can check out the latest demo here or support the developer by adding the game to your Steam wishlist.