M2's Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli has finally been given a Western release on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, after launching in Japan back in 2021.

The digital release includes Kyukyoku Tiger / Twin Cobra and Tiger-Heli. Puzzle title Teki-Paki is also included as a bonus download.

It's also possible to purchase the PC Engine, Mega Drive and NES versions of Kyukyoku Tiger / Twin Cobra via DLC, as well as the NES version of Tiger-Heli. Another Toaplan release, Get Star / Guardian, is also available via DLC.

"Thanks to the skill of the M2 team, two very important shmups have enjoyed a range of thorough and brilliantly authentic ports — as have two Toaplan oddities," said Nintendo Life in its review of the Japanese version. "But compared to many of the previous ShotTriggers releases, Toaplan Arcade Garage appears just a shade less ambitious. Still, if you enjoy purebred '80s 2D shooters, obsess over the shmup form, or have a soft spot for arcade preservation, it absolutely deserves to take up a little of your shelf space."

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