Compile's classic '80s action RPG Golvellius has just been released on the Nintendo Switch.

Published in 1987 for the original MSX under the title Maou Golvellius, the game would later be remade for the more powerful MSX2+ as Shin Maou Golvellius in 1988 – that's the version we're getting here.

In the same year, Sega licensed the game for release on its 8-bit Master System home console; Western players are likely to be the most familiar with that version.

"Released in 1988 by COMPILE for the MSX2 in Japan, this action RPG is an enhanced version of "Golvellius" which was released for the MSX the previous year," reads the game's page on Nintendo's site. "In this game, players take on the role of the knight Kelesis, who embarks on an adventure to rescue Princess Rena in the Valley of Monsters while searching for his sister."

The game mixes top-down and side-on perspectives. "While the game can be challenging due to tough enemies requiring rapid button pressing, and some dead ends in scrolling screens that might be considered "cheap deaths", it remains a highly recommended title for fans of Compile and those who seek a challenging action RPG experience," continues the official description of the game.

Like other EGG Console releases, the game has not been fully localised, but it will still be of interest to RPG fans.