Apple's Unreleased iPod Tetris Clone Has Been Discovered 1
Image: Apple Demo

When Apple released its iPod MP3 player, it was quick to find other uses for that LCD display, one of which was games.

The company even went as far as to develop its own version of Tetris, named Stacker, which was intended to be released alongside the 3rd-generation iPod in 2003.

However, that never happened – and a few years later, Tetris would be officially available on iPod, negating the need for an in-house clone.

You'd think that would mean Stacker would be lost to time, but YouTube Apple Demo has actually managed to recover a version of the game. It all starts with a 3rd-gen iPod prototype model, made on week 14 of 2003 – mere months before the full release of the product.

As you can see from the video, this is a pretty basic version of Tetris. Also included on the prototype device are Block0, Chopper, and Klondike, so expect to see coverage of those coming from Apple Demo in the near future, too.