Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

The video game researcher and author Florent Gorges recently revealed that the final two volumes of his "History of Nintendo" series are finally being translated into English.

The History of Nintendo — just in case you've never heard of it — is a collection of four well-researched books that set out to document Nintendo's journey from a playing card manufacturer to the world's leading video game company, with never-before-told anecdotes. These include The History of Nintendo #1 (1889-1980), The History of Nintendo #2 (1981-1991), The History of Nintendo #3 (1983-2016), and The History of Nintendo #4 (1989-1999).

The first two of these books focus predominantly on the company's time as a toy company as well as the development of the Game & Watch series of handhelds, and were translated into English in 2011 and 2012. Sadly, though, they're both now out of print and tend to be listed for some ridiculous amounts on sites like eBay and Amazon.

The others, meanwhile, take an in-depth look at the Nintendo Famicom and the Nintendo Game Boy, and have unfortunately only ever been made available in French or Spanish. This is now about to change, however, with the author claiming on Twitter that they are gearing up to release both missing volumes in English at the exact same time.

It's not exactly clear when this will be, but we'll keep an eye out for any information as it becomes available.

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