iPhone NES Emulator Pulled From App Store "Out Of Fear" 1
Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

Apple recently relaxed its stance on emulators on iPhone, and since then we've seen plenty of speculation regarding which retro consoles will become playable on the best-selling smartphone brand.

Earlier this week, a Game Boy emulator topped the App Store charts before being taken down by Apple for breaching its copyright policies, and now we've got a second downed emulator – only this time around, the developer behind the app was the one who did the yanking.

Bimmy NES Emulator is, as you might imagine, a NES emulator for iPhone, iPad and compatible Apple silicon Macs. The app launched for 99 cents but was then made free to download yesterday.

Like other iOS-based emulators, Bimmy NES didn't launch with any games; instead, users were expected to provide their own ROMs and load them into the emulator using the iOS Files application.

Bimmy NES wasn't long for this world, as developer Tom Salvo promptly pulled the app. According to 9 To 5 Mac, Salvo said that he "removed the app out of fear. No one reached out to me."

It is speculated that, rather than fearing a copyright infringement (as was the case with iGBA), Salvo was instead concerned that having NES in the title of the app might cause issues. It remains to be seen if he will reissue the app under a new name.

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