Cosmo Knight ZiON Is A New Game Boy Color Title Inspired By Saint Seiya 1
Image: @zeichi_shorts

Mexican studio Zeichi Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new Game Boy Color title called Cosmo Knight ZiON.

Described as an "action-adventure game that fuses science fiction with engaging gameplay mechanics," the player assumes the role of ZiON, "a valiant young warrior equipped with cosmic armor from Zack, a Cosmodroid intent on Earth's invasion."

Zeichi compares the narrative to the famous Saint Seiya series (the developer has previously created a fan game based on this franchise) and claims that the game will boast "stunning visuals that maximize the console's potential, and an enthralling soundtrack."

Five stages will be available to tackle, "each comprising multiple levels and a boss," while power-ups will add an additional level of variety to the gameplay – as will hidden pathways and secrets. Furthermore, Zeichi is including cutscenes and collectables, the latter of which will unlock "bonus content".

The funding target is 500,000 Mexican Pesos (approximately $30,000 USD).

Cosmo Knight ZiON Is A New Game Boy Color Title Inspired By Saint Seiya 2
Image: @zeichi_shorts

"The game has entered the beta phase with core concepts in place, yet we seek your assistance to refine details, infuse fresh ideas, secure commissions, and conduct thorough testing towards the final release and cover physical production costs," reads the Kickstarter page. "The game is set to launch in both Spanish and English, with the possibility of adding more languages as an extra feature."

Some of the campaign's stretch goals include digital releases on Steam (620,000 Mexican Pesos), Xbox (670,000 Mexican Pesos), PlayStation (720,000 (Mexican Pesos) and Switch (780,000 Mexican Pesos).

"Another of our challenges will be to comply with the physical versions for all our backers," adds Zeichi Games. "Fortunately we have a previous project that had its physical version and reached a quality standard in its materials and manufacturing, which leaves us satisfied and confident of achieving at least that quality and even surpass it, although this work is done by hand, we trust that if we achieve the requested goal we can do it massively and with a specialized company."

The team expects the game to be released in 2024.