Asteroids Recharged 2p Cabinet
Image: @Alan_1_Games

Update [Fri 29th Mar, 2024 12:30 GMT]: Pre-orders for Alan-1's new Asteroids Recharged cabinets have now gone live.

The cabinets are expected to ship in Q3 2024 and come in 2-player and 3-player configurations β€” both of which are pretty pricey. The 2-player cabinet, for instance, costs $6499, whereas the 3-player will set you back $12,999. Both require an initial deposit of $1000 to pre-order, which will be deducted from the final cost of the machine.

You can take a closer look at the machines at the links below:

Original Story [Wed 27th Mar, 2024 12:30 GMT]: Earlier this month, we shared the news that after 25 years away Atari was returning to the arcades with a bunch of new cabinets based off of its Atari Recharged series of games. Well, now we've finally got our first proper glimpse at what one of these arcade machines will look like.

Alan-1, the game developer/coin-op manufacturer behind this new set of cabinets, shared a quick 1-minute video on Twitter yesterday (March 26th) giving a tour of its new 2-player Asteroids Recharged machine.

And from the looks of it, it is set to include some gorgeous new artwork, beautiful multi-colored lighting, and a 5-button control set up for each individual "pilot". There are also two speakers visible on the marquee too, as well as vents positioned just above the control panel and a coin door/service door.

As we detailed earlier this month, the partnership between Atari and Alan-1 will comprise "at least ten" full-sized Recharged arcade game cabinets over the next three years, all powered by Alan-1’s 'Video Arcade System' technology. These are set to feature modern interactive mechanical effects inspired by virtual pinball technology β€” things like pinball knockers, shaker motors, blower fans, etc.

Atari claimed the first cabinet is expected to be released in Q3 of this year. Given the recent tease, we think it might be a safe bet to assume that this will be Asteroids Recharged.