Controversial Retro Store DK Oldies Got Hacked 1
Image: @DKOldies

DK Oldies, an 18-year-old, family-owned business selling vintage and classic video games and hardware, was apparently hacked in the past 24 hours, with the perpetrator revealing information about the company's controversial pricing policies.

The message "F**K DKOLDIES AND THEIR SCAM" was seen by several people before the company took action. "PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAM SITE," the message continued. "These people are false advertising their products and over pricing everything they get to gain a big profit." The post concludes with the ominous message "THERE IS WAY MORE..."

DK Oldies has come under fire over the past few years for its high prices and apparent lack of care when it comes to refurbishing the products it sells. This has led to the store coming under intense scrutiny online and even receiving death threats.

The company has always denied any wrongdoing and points to the fact that it offers a one-year free warranty on all of the items it sells.