Tiny Tires Is The Micro Machines Successor We've Always Wanted 1
Image: @jonkristinsson

Solo developer Jon Kristinsson has created what appears to be the perfect spiritual successor to Codemasters' Micro Machines, and it's called Tiny Tires.

Taking a huge amount of inspiration from the original NES game, this Steam release has you racing miniature cars around a range of real-world locations, including a pool table, desk and kitchen.

"Race around coffee cups and jump off notepads in Tiny Tires - a simple, fast-paced miniature racing game," reads the game's Steam page. "A throwback to classic racing games, featuring a top-down perspective making it easy to keep an eye on any opponents trying to get one up on you."

Tiny Tires will include four modes:

Your regular racing mode. Race against either the computer or local friends, first one to the goal wins.


A different kind of competition where everyone shares one screen. Follow the leader and if you get left behind you're out. Last person standing wins the round.

Free Play

Don't like racing? If you just want to play around and jump around you can! Enter Free Play mode and you're free to drive around the levels for as long as you want.

Local Multiplayer

All the modes are available in local same-screen multiplayer. Up to 4 people can play together on the same PC. Extra controllers are required.

There's no release date as yet, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist and watch the lovely trailer below.

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