Surprise Attack
Image: Konami

Hamster has announced that Konami's side-scrolling action platformer Surprise Attack is coming to Nintendo Switch & PS4 on March 21st as part of its Arcade Archives series of arcade rereleases (thanks Famitsu!).

Surprise Attack was released in the arcades back in 1990 and saw players take control of a special task force agent named John Ryan who is tasked with stopping the evil terrorist organisation "Black Dawn". Black Dawn has managed to seize an important moon base and neighbouring space station and planted tons of explosives onboard. It, therefore, falls to players to run through these locations, blasting away bad guys and defusing bombs before the timer runs out and all hell breaks loose.

Some of the game's features include the ability to switch between the foreground layer and background layer, alter gravity to walk on the ceiling, and partake in quizzes to score bonus points.

Surprise Attack was never ported to any consoles and is also notable for being the first arcade game that the Castlevania director Hitoshi Akamatsu worked on after rejoining Konami's arcade division from the company's Famicom-development division. Akamatsu is believed to be partly responsible for programming and designing the game.