Ingenious Japanese Gamers Are Bringing The Arcade Experience Home In Amazing Ways 1
Image: @rcd_rcd33

Seen in its natural arcade habitat, Sega's After Burner is one of the most striking video gaming sessions money can buy.

While the sprite-scaled visuals have naturally aged, the deluxe taikan ("bodily sensation") cabinet delivers the kind of immersive experience you'd assume you can only get in an amusement arcade – but we now know differently.

Using a special at-home 'moving chair' setup (which we now know to have been culled from Square Enix's discontinued arcade title, Starwing Paradox), one Japanese gamer has managed to leverage the amazing work done by M2 on the 3DS port of After Burner II to create their own at-home cabinet, complete with a 'tilting' screen and authentic lighting.

The footage is projected onto a dome-like screen, with the view moving in tandem with the chair thanks to some fancy use of Virtual Desktop's VR mode:

The same person has also gotten Space Harrier working via this setup:

This particular chair can be used for other titles, and searching or the 動くゲーミングチェア hashtag on Twitter throws up some amazing footage, including Taito's Sega-inspired Night Striker:

Considering that a fully working cabinet today would cost you a fair amount of money (and require constant maintenance), this solution seems like the ideal way to experience taikan games in your home for the lowest possible cost – and means we can preserve that unique 'full body' experience for future generations, too.