Numskull has just announced that Taito's Elevator Action and Zoo Keeper are joining its Quarter Arcades series, with pre-orders going live later this month.

Both cabs will be available for £219.99 GBP / $249.99 USD / €249.99 EU. Early bird pricing is £199.99 / $229.99 / €229.99).

You can pre-order both units on the 27th of March at 3PM UK time (10am EST, 7am PST).

Delivery is estimated for October.

Elevator Action And Zoo Keeper Join The Quarter Arcades Range 1
Image: @Quarter_Arcades

Both games were originally released in 1983. Elevator Action is arguably the more famous of the two; it places you in the role of Agent 17, who has to break into a multi-story building to steal secret files whilst riding elevators and avoiding enemy spies.

A huge commercial success, it was ported to a wide range of systems, including the NES, Game Boy, MSX, SG-1000, C64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and (more recently) the Switch and PS4 as part of Hamster's Arcade Archives series.

Prepare for espionage escapades like never before with Elevator Action Quarter Arcade! Descend skyscrapers, outwit enemy agents, and snatch precious in-game goodies —all whilst dodging danger at every turn.

Crafted with precision and boasting meticulous attention to detail, the Elevator Action Quarter Arcade recreates the thrill of Taito's classic hit. From detailed arcade artwork to responsive buttons, every element screams authenticity and quality to the original.

Not to be confused with the Nintendo DS game of the same name, Zoo Keeper was never ported to any home system and is a little more obscure than Elevator Action. The player takes control of Zeke, the titular Zoo Keeper, who must rescue his girlfriend Zelda from the hordes of animals which have broken free of their confinement.

Get ready for a wild ride with Zoo Keeper Quarter Arcade! From dodging pesky critters to corralling runaway animals, this miniature marvel captures all the chaos and charm of the original Taito gem.

Immerse yourself in the Zoo Keeper's shoes with a fully playable cabinet featuring the authentic arcade ROM. Crafted with top-tier materials (made of real wood!) for maximum durability and playability, the Zoo Keeper Quarter Arcade is a love letter to arcade enthusiasts everywhere.

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