Brookwood Pocket Tactics
Image: Bitmap Soft

A new pocket-sized strategy game called Brookwood Pocket Tactics is getting a physical release for the Game Boy Color, as recently spotted by GoNintendo.

Brookwood Pocket Tactics is the work of the developer Jared Chansen of Werebear Games and the publisher Bitmap Soft. It was originally prototyped for the GB Studio Game Jam back in 2021 and was built with GB Studio and Nowhere Soft's Forgotten Engine.

It sees players enter a world populated with anthropomorphic animals, where warring factions compete for dominance. Players will pick from one of these groups (including the Khalifa of Rodents, the Sultanate of Cats, the Eashier of Birds, and the Hashd'n of Lizards), and will then participate in battles between different armies, manipulating their units to guarantee victory.

According to the developer and publisher, the game takes much of its inspiration from Redwall - Brian Jacques's incredible series of children's fantasy novels about the adventures of small anthropomorphized creatures — as well as strategy games like Warcraft. From the screenshots we've seen, it looks to be a fairly straightforward take on the genre, but it will no doubt be worth checking out for fans of the genre.

You can pre-order a physical copy of the game now from Bitmap Soft's website. It is priced at £45 and will include a box, the game on a cartridge, a full-colour manual, and a sticker sheet, in addition to a digital copy. The game is expected to ship before the end of April. There is also a free demo that is available now on, should you want to give it a try before going all in.

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