Uniqlo And Capcom Made A Game With Street Fighter Characters 1
Image: @denfaminicogame

Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo and Capcom have a long relationship which has spawned several ranges of licenced merchandise – and now the pair have produced a video game.

The game has been released to celebrate Capcom's 40th, and is called UT ADVENTURE. The game launched this week and has been created with supervision by Capcom.

Playable on Uniqlo's site, UT ADVENTURE tasks you with regaining a special Capcom 40th shirt after it was pilfered by aliens. Street Fighter characters appear, and the lead character is able to transform into Ryu at one point.

A second stage, based on Mega Man / Rockman, is scheduled to be released in March. The third and final stage will only be revealed on a special mini arcade machine, of which only 40 exist in the world; Uniqlo and Capcom will share details on how to win one of these machines soon.

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