Image: Konami

Video games are full of little secrets, and a lot of the time, their existence is either hidden for decades or mused over endlessly.

Take this example from Super Castlevania IV. At the start of the game's second level, there's an object on a rocky outcrop which seems to have been placed there for a reason – and it has always puzzled us.

It seems we're not alone, as Twitter user @VirtualCaveman has been pondering the exact same thing:

As pointed out, in static screenshots, you might assume it's a castle off in the distance – but it's not part of the background layer. You can view it in the video below, around the 10:35 mark.

Is this a mystery that has vexed you for decades, too? Perhaps you know what this object is? Maybe you've never noticed this before, or simply don't care? Let us know with a comment.