Terrorbytes: The Evolution Of Horror Gaming

A new 5-part docu-series on the past, present, and future of horror gaming is on the way from the creators of the documentary FPS: First Person Shooter.

Terrorbytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming is currently on pre-sale over on its official website, offering people the opportunity to pre-order digital and Blu-Ray copies of the series ahead of its release next year in March (Digital) and April (Blu-Ray) of 2025.

According to the announcement, the docu-series "will explore and celebrate the rich history of horror gaming" and consist of interviews with a growing cast of experts including Silent Hill composer & producer Akira Yamaoka, the Sierra On-Line co-founders Ken Williams (programmer: Mystery House) & Roberta Williams (writer/designer: Phantasmagoria), Alone in the Dark writer/designer Hubert Chardot, and Clock Tower director Hifumi Kōno.

It will be broken up into five different episodes — each of which will be an hour long and explore a different topic or theme. These include the emergence of survival horror, the making of licensed tie-ins like Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, FMV games, the indie horror revolution, as well as controversial and cursed projects.

If you want to support the documentary, you can do so over on its website. The cheapest option currently available is the $44.99 digital tier, which will nab you a copy of the film, your name in the credits, the soundtrack from composer New Retro Wave, digital wallpapers, and a copy of FPS: First Person Shooter.

Higher tiers, meanwhile, offer a bunch of additional rewards, including a year of exclusive events like Q&As with the biggest names in horror gaming. The pre-sale apparently will end on March 3rd, 2024.

[source terrorbytesdoc.com]