Image: Triple Eh? Ltd

The retro publisher Thalamus Digital has revealed that it will be selling physical versions of Hoffman's Amiga port of Triple Eh Ltd's indie twin-stick shooter Cecconoid.

The publisher made the announcement yesterday on Twitter, with pre-orders going live on its web site. There are five different options to pick from, ranging from a budget boxless CD-only version (priced at £14.99) to a more extravagant and ridiculously named "OMG WTF" Edition (costing £44.99).

The former comes with an unboxed CD copy of the game, a digital download, manual, sticker, postcard, and floppy disk label. Meanwhile, the latter includes a glossy collector's box, a Cecconoid t-shirt, an exclusive pin badge, OST, and more.

Cecconoid was originally released for PC, Android, and iOS back in 2019, and is described as "an 8-bit-inspired flick stick, twin-stick shooter". The game appears to take inspiration from a range of classic titles like the arcade shooter Robotron and Hewson Consultant's Cybernoid, with players controlling a small spacecraft on a mission to rescue the good ship Equinox from swarms of evil robots.

The Amiga version will be playable from floppy disk, WHDLoad, and CD32, and supports all Amigas with 512kb chip RAM/512kb other RAM.

[source thalamus.shop]