Death Stranding
Image: Kojima Productions

Modern phones have now reached the stage where they can convincingly host AAA games – as is evidenced by the recent release of Death Stranding on the Apple iPhone.

Putting aside the issue of playing such a complex game with horrible touch controls for a moment (thank goodness for the Backbone controller), it's a seriously impressive example of technological advancement – but the fact that you can seamlessly share your progress between the iPhone and Mac versions of the game isn't all that new.

In the recently resurrected HideoTube show, Hideo Kojima notes that this isn't a new concept for him personally, as he pioneered the approach back in 2011 with Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita and PS3.

That game allowed you to cross-share your progress between the home console and portable versions, a process Kojima coined "Transfarring" (a portmanteau of "transferring" and "sharing"). We'd love to see that term get revived, if we're honest.

You can watch the full episode of HideoTube below.

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