War of Aero
Image: Allumer

Hamster has revealed that this week's Arcade Archives release will be Allumer's vertically-scrolling shooter War of Aero: Project MEIOU (thanks Famitsu!).

It will begin distribution on February 29th for Nintendo Switch & PS4 (international storefronts usually take a little longer to update).

Just to give you a little context, War of Aero first hit the arcades back in 1993 and saw up to two players battling swarms of mechanical enemies across 16 stages. In the game, players can unlock different types of weapons such as additional sentries that can fire backward and forwards, as well as temporarily combine their ships to deliver more devastating attacks.

War of Aero is the sixth Allumer game to be released as part of the Arcade Archives label of retro reissues since Hamster acquired the rights to the company's back catalogue in February 2023. It follows games like Magical Speed, Blandia, Zing Zing Zip, Mad Shark, and Rezon.

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