Image: Konami/Stern Electronics

Hamster has announced that the next retro arcade game heading to Nintendo Switch & PS4 as part of Arcade Archives will be Konami's maze-action title Jungler. It will start being distributed across different platforms and regions on February 22nd.

Jungler was originally released in the arcades back in 1981 in Japan, with Stern Electronics bringing it over to the US one year later. It sees players guiding a long white multi-segmented ship through a maze to destroy the various enemies in the environment before being killed.

These enemies are essentially different-coloured versions of the player and come in three sizes — red being the largest, yellow being average, and green being the smallest. Players can devour the smaller green ships, while the yellow ships do no damage, and the red ships will kill the player immediately upon collision.

So, in other words, the basic goal is to fire away at the longer ships to reduce their size and alter their colour before running into them to swallow them whole. There are also blockages that players will need to be mindful of dotted around the board, as well as fruits that players can eat to increase their size.

Following its release in Japan, Jungler was later ported to the Tomy Tutor in 1981 and also came to Emerson Radio's short-lived Arcade 2001 console in 1982. The toy company Gakken also made a handheld version of the game, as they did with other Konami arcade titles too, like Frogger and Pooyan.

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