Over a decade ago, work began on GoldenEye X, a mod for Perfect Dark which would reimagine the iconic James Bond FPS GoldenEye 007, introducing a host of enhancements and improvements.

After a prolonged period of silence, the project has come back to life thanks to the impending release of version 6a.

This update brings with it nine playable single-player missions, a new character for multiplayer (it's an elf), a 'gender sensitivity' toggle, additional dialogue option, expanded levels and much more.

The 'gender sensitivity' toggle has ruffled a few feathers with fans, presumably due to them not understanding the name. The setting merely allows you to include generic female enemies in single-player missions.

"Relive the magic of GoldenEye, now with brand new features and upgrades," reads the mod's official page. "This is GoldenEye... Like you've never experienced it before."