Tower of Druaga
Image: Namco

The 1992 PC Engine remake of Namco's influential and diabolically challenging 1984 action role-playing game The Tower of Druaga is finally available in English, thanks to fans.

The announcement of the patch's release was made on Twitter yesterday, with one of its authors Garrett Greenwalt posting a link to the download and thanking @TheRyusui and @TheMajinZenki for their help in translating the entire game into English.

The Tower of Druaga, in case you're in need of an overview, follows a knight named Prince Gilgamesh, who must storm a tower comprised of various maze-like floors to rescue a damsel from a demon named Druaga.

To do this, players must find the key to escape each level, with hidden items also being available to unlock from completing vague and often easy-to-miss challenges.

While incredibly successful in Japan, the arcade original has come under a lot of criticism from Western game journalists upon subsequent rereleases to modern consoles, with sites like Eurogamer, IGN, and even our very own Nintendo Life fixating on its flaws, such as its obtuse-puzzles and remarkably slow movement speed.

The patch is available to download directly from GamingAlexandria's website.

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