Small Universe X Sugar Cubes
Image: Nara Makes Games

Chinese emulation hardware makers are really on a roll at the moment, pumping out a vast array of different devices, each trying to service a particular niche in the market.

The Small Universe X Sugar Cubes handheld is one such product, and its unique selling point is the fact that its OLED screen rotates (thanks, Retro Dodo).

The catch is that, with an aspect ratio of around 10:9 and a resolution of 1240×1080, there's actually very little point in the screen rotating, as it's almost a perfect square.

The unit will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU, which means it's likely to be well over £100 when it eventually launches – perhaps close to twice that amount, especially when you take into account the rotating screen and premium metal shell.

Even so, this handheld certainly has our attention – we're a little bit in love with its design, we have to admit.

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