Retro Dodo Expo
Image: Retro Dodo

Our friends over at Retro Dodo have just made an exciting announcement – they're going to launch a new retro live event in the UK later this year.

Dubbed RDX Expo, the event will take place in Bristol and feature a selection of classic systems to play, new retro products to purchase and a section for vendors who want to bring their classic games to sell.

Tournaments will also be hosted during the event, with Mario Kart and Smash Bros. being two of the titles mentioned so far. On top of all of this, you'll get the chance to meet the people behind Retro Dodo.

A landing page has been launched, which will allow you to keep track of the event's progress.

"The Retro Dodo team are happy with the RDX branding which stands for 'Retro Dodo Expo', with inspiration taken from EGX," reads the latest update. "We are now currently in contact with a few potential venues in Bristol, with viewings scattered over the coming months. We chose Bristol as not only is it close to where we are based but it focuses on an untapped area of the UK that has very little gaming events, with large cities such as Bath, Swindon, Cardiff, Swansea, Exeter and Birmingham in close proximity. Venue costs vary greatly, with some of the locations we chose being out of our budget."

If you're an exhibitor, vendor or retailer who wants to get involved with this exciting new UK-based live event, head over to the RDX Expo page and register your interest.

Retro Dodo Expo
The Retro Dodo team, from left to right: Brandon Saltalamacchia, Theo Litston, Rob Page and Sebastian Santabarbara — Image: Retro Dodo