Image: GDQ/Frame Fatales

The all-women speedrunning event Flame Fatales came to an end over the weekend, raising an impressive $135,000 for the Malala Fund - an organization that exists to "champion every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education".

There's no need to worry if you missed out, however, as you can still donate to the fund over at the organization's website and check out some of the best speedruns on demand over on the GDQ YouTube page.

Being huge fans of retro games, there are a lot of runs that we personally recommend. These include t0zzle's Contra III: The Alien Wars run, which makes the run-and-gunner look like a piece of cake; Phant and nukkuler's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time randomizer demo, which seems like a refreshing way to play to the classic Nintendo game; and EmJayHey's ridiculous Ghostbusters any% C64 run, which involves a hilarious amount of waiting around.

There's also Threach's run of the 1987 platform Wizard & Warriors that includes some perfectly-timed platforming, and Clipper's incredible Mega Man X speedrun, which essentially turns into a Mega Man podcast thanks to Wolfshadow's insightful co-commentary.

Of course, if you want to poke around yourself, we recommend you do, as there are a ton of great runs we haven't mentioned here. Just remember that if you're enjoying what you see, the event was for charity and it's still possible to donate to the cause!

GDQ's next all-women speedrunning event Frost Fatales will take place between the 26th Feb - 4th March 2023.

Did you watch Flame Fatales? Do you have a favorite speedrun from the event? Let us know!