Retro Gaming Hardware
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

We're firmly of the opinion here at Time Extension that we've never had it better as retro gamers. There are so many ways to experience and enjoy classic titles these days that we almost feel spoilt for choice; outside of using the original hardware, you can choose to play via software emulation, FPGA, micro-consoles, flash cartridges, Optical Disc Emulators and even devices which combine some of these options – and it's even possible to play vintage titles on modern systems, thanks to the efforts of publishers and IP holders who are keen to leverage their back catalogues to loosen the purse-strings of players of all generations.

The various ways we can enjoy retro games are all perfectly valid, and we're not for one moment suggesting that one is superior to another, but it's worth asking the question: how do you play your retro games? Are you a purist who will only play original carts on original hardware, or do feel that emulation (legal or otherwise) is the only way to really experience and appreciate the whole of gaming's history? Perhaps you're somewhere in the middle, and love the fact that FPGA-based devices like the MiSTer can deliver 100% accuracy without having to worry about expensive (and often volatile) physical media?

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What's the primary way you play retro games?