Image: Nihon Falcom

Playing video games can lead to some odd moments of realization when you're out and about, and for folks walking around the suburbs of Kumamoto prefecture in Japan, that's bound to be the case.

As spotted by @wyrdwad_tom on Twitter, it appears that a Dentist in the region has taken its name and logo (albeit with an apostrophe added) from Nihon Falcom's popular action RPG series Ys.

That's not all either, as visiting the website appears to reveal another reference to the series in the form of a sly nod to Yuzo Koshiro's Ys composition "First Step Toward Wars" from the very first game. Under information, for instance, it states: "How do you take the first step towards dentistry...?"

It's an undeniably cheeky move, with some online, including @wyrdwad_tom, suggesting that it might not be long before the Japanese game developers get wind of things and put a stop to it. So, in other words, if you want to take some photos of this weird crossover between action RPGs and dentistry, you best get your camera out and take the pilgrimage sooner rather than later.

Have you ever encountered any weird video game references in real life? Share them below!

[source ys-shika.com, via twitter.com]